Kindred soul,

   We are honored that you are further exploring our artistry. Our approach melds mastery in both photography & cinematography. We exclusively offer our services jointly for a limited number of weddings worldwide.

   This masterful process guarantees an elevated experience that transforms the most memorable moments into works of art. Our world-renowned photography & cinematography is understated yet evocative, resulting in clear and polished creative direction that elicits light-filled, compelling compositions.

  It is our greatest honor to specialize in documenting the most intimate moments of life. At Mon Soleil, the mission is to craft transcendent photos & films that perfectly reflect our clients and their love for one another.


In an effort to honor integrity of your experience above all, it is our balance of documentary, editorial,
and artistic intentionality that will continue to inspire you for years to come.

 We believe it is this approach that renders honest and evocative documentation of life's greatest memories. As you cherish this momentous day, you'll endlessly admire at your photographs and film time and time again.

Our custom-tailored offerings include collective timeline planning, complete event coverage, engagement and pre-wedding shoots, and final deliverables excellent for your unique wedding celebration.


Marissa Lambert Morrison
Marissa Lambert Morrison


family | faith | fashion | culture | architecture | landscapes

After photographing over 200 extraordinary couples taking the leap to build a deeper connection of enduring love, I'm happy to say that I really do love weddings. 

I've spent the last ten years surrounded by love, lots of smooches, pretty flowers, wedding cakes, and best friends - this has really shaped me into the person I am today. My story is more about the stories I'm blessed enough to share with my clients. Documenting these stories is just an added bonus! 

This is what makes my heart beat fastest, and I can't imagine a life without documenting how much love can be given and shared.

Since I care so much, I want my clients to care just as much. It's more than photos for me. I've found that I'm able to create my strongest images with whom I've formed a relationship. I want to be more than a photographer for you, and this will allow me to capture the real you and the real love. After all, that's what this is all about, right! 

I dream that each photo will bring you back to those rushing feelings and evoke the same sweet emotion and heart flutters you felt the day they were captured.


My journey in photography began nearly two decades ago when I studied black-and-white film photography as well as the magnificence of the dark room. The fire was truly ignited almost a decade later, when my first born graced the world with his presence, and I so yearned to preserve each phase of his quickly growing world. I recognize that you are also longing to achieve this for your memories. I want to partner with you in this journey of everlasting reminiscence! I give God the glory for giving me such an amazing opportunity and the skills to pursue my passion.

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Devin Morrison
Devin Morrison


family | faith | architecture | landscapes | fashion | culture 


I have spent the past five years capturing precious moments in time and creating visual memories through cinematic films. I find such depth in films that provide the ability to hear the words spoken as you watch the dance of love taking you back to that incredible day. 

When I am not shooting weddings, I enjoy a hot brew of coffee first thing in the morning, hitting the gym with the "Bro's", and sitting behind the computer creating films. My afternoons are spent doing homework with the kiddos and hanging out with my family. 

Most importantly my creativity flows from my very own relationship with my beautiful wife Marissa and our special story. I believe love is the most powerful element in the universe, and I want to thank God for the opportunity to capture it through the passion that our clients share.



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Chris Simon
Chris Simon
Associate Cinematographer

What's most important for me is capturing cinematic imagery that preserves and stands the test of time. I achieve this in both scripted and genuine motion pictures.

I began my expedition in filmmaking while working a full-time position in the corporate world. Something once viewed as a hobby overtime evolved into a passion. I give credit to God for providing me this gift and to my wife, I thank you. I thank you for being my biggest supporter all while taking care of my two boys during late night edits and wedding days. I wholeheartedly understand it takes a lifetime to master such a craft, but the determination and vision hasn't changed. Through the power of telling such a beautiful story of love between two people is an honorable privilege. Thank you for allowing us to share in one of your most memorable moments.

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